Lusty Sin & Tonic

Lust Sin & Tonic is a special twist on the classic Gin & Tonic to create something fun and playful – Sin & Tonic. 

It’s a simple mixed drink requiring just the two ingredients and is perfect for happy hour, dinner, or anytime you simply want an invigorating beverage.

The best gin and tonic is made with a quality gin, especially those with a slight citrus flavor and a great blend of botanicals. Our Lusty flavour is a perfect choice for Sin and Tonic, add 1 or 2 shots worth of Sin Lust into your drink, depending how much of our fabulous flavour you desire? Voila – Perfect Sin has been made. Garnish with summer time favourites of sliced strawberries or simply add ice.

One thing to keep in mind is that your Sin and Tonic is only as good as both the sin and the tonic. Explore some of the great tonic waters that have sprung up thanks to this drink’s resurgence in popularity. Q Drinks and Fever-Tree are two soda brands worth checking out because they were designed specifically for mixed drinks like this.

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