Mixology at home

There are about six tools you need to make drinks, and none should come with batteries.  Start with a Parisian shaker (1) and a mixing glass (2), for shaking and stirring, respectively. You’ll need a strainer (3), too, for seeds and pulp. Get a jigger (4) with one-ounce and two-ounce sides and a stirring spoon (5) with some weight to it. (It will be easier to twirl.) And then settle on a paring knife (6) that feels good in your hand. This one with a squared-off edge is specifically designed for dealing with citrus. You will be dealing with a lot of citrus.

Six Items That Shouldn’t End Up in Your Shopping Cart

Pre-packaged lemon or lime juice Honey-flavored whiskey Marshmallow-flavored vodka Anything over 140 proof Ron Burgundy-brand blended scotch Any type of ice that is not actual ice.

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