Like most in the hospitality chain 2020 was not great for us here at SDS. Fortunately, unlike too many in the industry, we are still alive and kicking.

We have taken a hint from Monty Python and have decided to “look on the bright side of life(admit it you started to hum the tune). Certainly, the Bank of England forecast that there will be a strong bounce back in late 2021 is source for hope and we think people in the hospitality industry will be amongst those that are big winners.

Why we hear you ask!!

Ok we will tell you but as we want people to read this blog not put them to sleep, we’ll keep things short. There are of course many reasons, but these are four we think will play a big part.

1. The various lockdowns, tier restrictions and uncertainty has resulted in a number of casualties in the industry. Sad though that is it does mean those remaining, particularly those with fresh offerings, will end up getting a larger slice of the Pie. It also means there is more scope for new players and with the fresh outlook they will bring the industry as a whole will be raising itself to even greater levels.

2. There will be far more home working than before. This means people will not have the same daily social interaction. As we are social creatures we are likely to look to fill this need elsewhere and when the very definition of the industry is “the act of being friendly and welcoming to guests and visitors who is better suited to meet the growing need?

3. Robin Williams told us to “carpe diem”. Initially I thought he was talking about a fish but then realised he meant Seize the day. Pre-pandemic I know I was guilty, and I do not think I was alone of putting off meeting friends or colleagues family for some drinks or a bite to eat because hey there was always tomorrow.  We have now seen that that is not the case, so I suspect those opportunities will not be passed by so often.

4. For many years the pub was seen as the centre of the community and that has perhaps diminished in recent times. With likely migration from towns and cities to more suburban/rural areas we can see this role coming back. And, in part due to home working, a return to the business lunch for those in the urban areas could also end up making the local a hub of activity again.

Of course, these are just our views and may be overly optimistic, but we do think Jeff Bezos had it right when he said look at what is not going change not what is when building a business and peoples desire to be with other people and enjoy life falls into that category.

 I would be really interested to hear what other people in the industry think.

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